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AO DELTAKOM offers a high-tech process of oil product receipt via railway, pipeline, by river and their shipment to sea ships. Together with its partners the company AO DELTAKOM will help to arrange oil product delivery from the plant to the target consumer.  AO DELTAKOM Satisfy the exporters’ need for reliable and high quality transshipment of a broad range of oil products.

AO DELTAKOM safely and efficiently loads tankers of crude oil that are exported out of Russia ports such as Saint Petersburg commercial sea port, Novorossiysk port, Vladivostok port, primorsk port, Russian port of Nakhodka  and other storage facilities at the Baltic sea. Many tankers that load their cargoes at AO DELTAKOM are supertankers and are designated as either "very large crude carriers" (VLCCs) or "ultra large crude carriers" (ULCCs). These massive ships can be longer than the Empire State Building is tall.

The AO DELTAKOM storage facilities and pipeline were specially constructed to accommodate these enormous vessels. Standing in 110 feet of water some 20 miles from land in the Russian Federation, the AO DELTAKOM storage facilities at loading terminal can comfortably accommodate tankers calling at the port.

The SPMs are located within Russian territorial waters in the Black Sea, about 17 km west of the entrance into the Cemesskaya Bay and about 5 km offshore. The SPMs are anchored buoys each of which is affixed to the sea floor with six caisson anchors. The SPMs are designed and built to withstand a 100 year storm and can be used to moor a dual hull tanker loading up to 300,000 tons of oil Once anchored at one of the three single point mooring (SPM) buoys, hoses are attached to a ship's manifold for offloading. Hi-tech, flexible hoses are attached to the ship's manifold to receive and transport the crude oil.

The Oil movement controllers from AO DELTAKOM are in close communication with the ship, which simply initiate the loading of the vessel. The AO DELTAKOM oil storage facility in Saint Petersburg commercial sea port, Novorossiysk port, Vladivostok port, primorsk port, Russian port of Nakhodka are very close to the terminal to enable easy access of loading for ships. There the oil is stored in a network of underground caverns and aboveground tanks. The AO DELTAKOM storage facilities provide opportunities for companies purchasing Russian crude oil globally at the Russian oil port.